An Overview

MOLBASE was found in 2013, headquartered in Shanghai, China. We have been dedicated to providing a leading SaaS-powered and data-driven integrated service platform for chemical e-commerce designed for small and medium-sized chemical-related businesses where various activities including chemical searching, promotion, inquiry, transaction, and payment, etc. can be done. On one hand, chemical suppliers can design and set up their online stores, manage products and inventory, process orders and payments, build customer relationships and leverage analytics and reporting on the platform. On the other hand, buyers can search for products and select appropriate product suppliers to do the business. Meanwhile, the platform also facilitates transactions with different value-added services including supply chain financial services, business intelligence services, logistic and warehousing services.

The MOLBASE platform has been engineered to enterprise-level standards and functionality to provide one stop shop services to customers. The platform provides customers with an intuitive user experience that requires no up-front training to implement and use, enabling customers to conduct transaction with high efficiency. We believe the platform is mission critical for all of our customers who depend on us for the latest data, information and technologies in chemical e-commerce. We are constantly innovating and enhancing our platform. Our continuously deployed, multi-tenant architecture ensures that all of our customers are always adopting the latest technology.

MOLBASE’s mission is to make chemical transaction simple and easy for everyone and we believe we can help discover customers’ own potential. Thanks to our expanded business coverage and user acquisition efforts, we have been accumulating an exponentially growing customers and suppliers base. As of December 31, 2018, we had accumulated over 200,000 registered users on our Platform, and had built a nationwide supplier network, covering 376 cities in China. We also provide various value-added services as part of our ecosystem, such as our business intelligence service, membership service, financing information services, logistic and warehousing service, etc.

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